Tuesday, 14 May 2013

All Walks Beyond The Catwalk


All Walks Beyond The Catwalk is a campaign which I seemed to have missed out on, regrettably only discovering it at Newcastle Fashion Weekend 2013. The initiative began in 2009 when Caryn Franklin, Erin O'Connor and Debra Bourne collated their common views of diversity in the fashion industry in response to Chief Executive of B-eat (beat eating disorders charity) asking if it was "possible to show fashion on a range of inspiring bodies". The campaign showcases the work of 8 designers modelled by 8 eighteen to sixty-five year olds  of a variety of body types.

Right now the average catwalk model is 6ft tall and a size 8 and it's safe to say that the majority of us don't look at them thinking 'I could look like that'-given the average dress size of a woman in the UK is a 16. There's no denying that British catwalk models are stunning but to say they're representative of the society we live in is a bit of a long shot. That's where All Walks Beyond The Catwalk and B-eat come into play, they're potentially revolutionising fashion one campaign at a time.

The All Walks initiative began with the 'Size Me Up' campaign in which designers worked with a model from the beginning of the process in order to create an outfit fitting to them rather than what usually happens-the model is just added in at the end. The looks in the campaign were created for use at London Fashion Week to showcase spring/summer 2010 collections.

Following the success of Size Me Up, All Walks teamed up with photographer Rankin to create the campaign 'Snapped' which also launched at a London Fashion Week. The campaign invited top design garments specifically campaign and get engaged in the battle to bring diversity to the fashion industry. Photographs were shot of the beautifully diverse models at the beggining of fashion week by Rankin to be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery.

Getting big names involved in the campaings works to inspire the fashion industry of the future; bringing us onto All Walks Beyond the Catwalk's latest initiative: Diversity NOW. The campaign is aimed at fashion enthusiasts who WANT to create fashion for the diverse society we live in, not just the average catwalk model.

All Walks Beyond The Catwalk gives me faith in the fashion industry; they know the fashion industry can have an impact on lives and are using this in a positive light by encouraging diversity. Clothes are not just clothes.

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