Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello Edinburgh...


I went to Edinburgh at the weekend and it rained but it was a lovely day out so I feel I should probably blog it.

I've been to Edinburgh TONS of times and never been to Edinburgh Books ( it's a little shop with a HUGGGGGGEEEEEEE selection of second-hand and antique books, you will find everything you could ever want in this shop. Every inch of the shop is lined with books of all variety; looking almost like it belonged in a fictional novel. It's about a 10 minute walk off Princes' Street but well worth the little walk (even in the pouring rain), I had to use my GPS to get there so I advise having a quick flick at a map if you aren't clued up on the area like me. 
Edinburgh is generally full of cute little artsy things, a little secret one is on Rose Street:

I appreciate a little bit of on-the-street poetry.

We ate lunch in Jenner's Cafe Zest, which was nice and reasonably priced, probably why the majority of the 
clientèle were OAPs but either way it was out of the rain for a little while which is always good!

All in all I appreciated eating, drinking and looking at artsy things!

Hannah x

Location: Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK


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