Sunday, 19 May 2013

Why Aren't I More Articulate


Let us pretend I'm not procrastinating.

I should be writing up a review, problem is I thought I'd written it already and that it was good. I had written it. It wasn't good. It sounds like it was written by an uneducated five year old, thing is I can't even fix what I've written so I've had to start again and now I'm blogging about how awful it is. Quite clearly helping the situation. I wish I'd been born more articulate, or could sign up to lessons in becoming articulate. Lesson One: How Not To Trip Over Your Own Words. I'd leave the classes after the first lesson, that's my issue, I think I use the right words they are just written clumsily. My sentences seem to fall over one-another and become one big tangle of words. I am not a fan of writing today.

Complaining over.

Hannah x


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