Friday, 28 June 2013

Am I a Fake Woman?


Today I was reading Emma Woolf's Ministry of Thin which got me thinking about the term 'real woman' which is used so widely in media. What is a real woman? Is it a tick list of attributes and if you don't hit them all you are a fake woman? On flicking through a single woman's magazine we can be told we must be skinny, curvy, confident , modest, food-conscious and at the same time eat what we like. What the media says and what the media does are two entirely different things.

The notion of a 'real woman' being curvaceous and confident in their own body seems to be preached from the rooftops nowadays but if that is so why is every woman we see in advertising nipped, tucked and brushed within an inch of their existence.  If this is all right and a real woman is curvaceous, that is having boobs and a bum with a nip in at the waist,  does that mean us women who don't posses this are 'fake women'? Begging the question what are we 'supposed' to be.

One mustn't forget the other side of the tale, a 'real', 'normal' woman mustn't get complacent about her body, one must stay focussed on the latest diets and body perfecting fads. That is of course quintessentially normal. Although we are expected to "embrace our curves" and "be comfortable in our own skin" one should always strive to shed a few pounds and tone up what can't be lost. Is it just me or is there something entirely wrong about all of this?

I am an 18 year old woman, 9st6, 5ft6, washboard top half, size 8, not a dieter, just a healthy person which according to the media check-list of a real woman crosses me clean off the list. This realisation will far from have me go out of my way to achieve 'realness' more question its viability.

I am not forgetting that there has recently been a somewhat shift with regards to modelling diversity but in terms of media representation it all seems to be a bit 'stuck', like they can't decide which way to go with it all so why not do a bit of both. Going with both sides doesn't exactly add up well, it'd be nice for them to go one way or the other, preferably taking the diversity route. Or maybe I just over-think everything. Who knows?

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