Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day Trip Avec Emily


Hello internet!

Today I went out with Emily Park ( owner of a white wardrobe; fellow fajita enthusiast and crazy cat lady. We were supposed to be making the most of an all zone travel pass and going on the Shield's ferry but then it was horrible and rainy so we went window shopping in Metro Centre and town; window shopping went somewhat 'out of the window' resulting in additions to the white wardrobe.   We also took today as an opportunity to reduce our age by a few years, despite being only enough by almost 3 years to buy a lottery ticket today was Emily's first (not that I condone gambling, we just really want to go to Iceland-it looks so pretty). In a bid to escape the stress of life (such stresses include lack of Iceland funds and adding up the calories in our Mcdonalds) we hit the arcade:

Miss Park can still perfect Afronova,
she has problems...
Everyone loves a dance mat

Why are they so addictive?!
*insert Friends moment*
Today made me decide that I would appreciate a trip to Spain soon, preferably Madrid solely to go on a Mango and Zara shopping spree (may splash out and throw in Benetton), I've convinced myself it's cost efficient because they're cheaper there. Plus I need out of Newcastle or someone needs to come and plonk both a Mango and a Benetton here, not just a few bits and pieces in Fenwick. I do not approve of this. And now Mango's website is failing me so I can't even get pretty clothes via it.

I bought a new cleanser today (Ponds Institute-it may or may not be made for old ladies, I will soon find out) before we know it me and Emily will have tried every cleanser on the market and still be suffering for skin in stress.

Apparently we had nice shoes....

...kind Metro Centre floor you neglect to notice I looked like I got dressed in the dark today.

The passed couple of days we have established why we have no friends (loners 4evs), here's a run down:
- The majority of our time is spent either eating for fajitas or planning when we are next going to eat fajitas.
- Emily should hand out sunglasses on meeting people to prevent her white outfits from destroying their retinas.
- I have a dancing films problem, to the extent in which I like to combine both Step Up 2 and Happy Feet in one picutre
- We appreciate unicorn items too much (for those ignorant to the definition of a unicorn item: something mystically pearly that a unicorn would buy).
- I can read the entirety of Vogue and pick out a designer wet suit as something I would like to buy...
- Our friendship is based on anger at the British prison system; Mexican food and dancing penguins.
There will be more reasons but I'm sleepy.

Also, today I discovered I like biscotti, I have been missing out for 18 years. Plus side of life, I returned home to a present off my mam:
Coffee and Hot Chocolate Taste Better
In Glasses...
I'll stop boring you all now.

Buenos Noches

Hannah x

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK


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