Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Don't Understand American Gun Law


I just caught the beginning of the ITV program "America and Its Guns" when I was leaving my mam's house and honestly cannot begin to understand American gun law, or lack of. In a nation where gun massacre occurs every 2 weeks why is it still so easy to posses a gun?

The small part of the program I saw featured a young girl who stated she had her first gun aged 5. FIVE YEARS OLD?! At age 5 I could just about coordinate myself to paint what I would call a picture. At 5 a child is dragging dollies around by their hair. A 5 year old should be pure and innocent not exposed to weapons of destruction.

Furthermore, the program showed a mother explaining to her daughter how to utilise a bulletproof backpack that she were to take to school everyday. I am astounded that such an invention is even needed for primary school aged children; a bulletproof backpack should be something seen in comic books for protection from the baddies. It's somewhat soul destroying that such a thing is an everyday reality and surely an even scarier reality for the parents who have to prepare their children for this.

Guns are spoken about like fashion accessories there to be customised in accordance with personal preference. Some people owning even 100s of them. If they are there as a right for personal protection why isn't 1 enough. And if they have a purpose what is so wrong about monitoring the purchase of them?

I just can't understand why, in a nation where there are so many gunfire induced fatalities, there hasn't been changes in law? I really do feel for the poor children brought into this and somewhat stripped of childhood naivety.


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