Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunny Day Songs


Hello Internet!

I have been a bit of a neglectful blogger because I'm a bit swamped with work right now but I'm on a break from my essay so here I am.

It's lovely and sunny in the North East today, here's me thinking 20 degrees and no clouds didn't exist in England so here is my playlist for a sunny day:

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

This song seems to feature in all of my playlists, mainly because it's a nice feel good song. Also, you have to have a bit of a crazy dance to it and it's in Breakfast Club, what more could you want from a song?

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

This song reminds me of my Outward Bound expeditions, when it was sunny in Scotland; yes that did actually happen and I wasn't dreaming.

David Guetta - Love Don't Let Me Go

Up until a few months ago I didn't realise this was David Guetta; I'm claiming child ignorance as I was only 7 when it came out. Plus David Guetta is the ultimate summer song creator.

M People - One Night In Heaven

Another song that was released before I was born that makes me think I was born in the wrong decade, also, I felt that I was neglecting women a little bit in this playlist. Dance away.

Corona - Rhythm of The Night

A self confessed lover of 80s dance; to be honest it is probably something I need seeing to. I have entire playlists dedicated to 80s music.

On this note I am going to go back to my essay; during writing this the butter for my sandwich and my yoghurt have melted. I love sunny days!

Hannah x

Location: England, UK


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