Friday, 9 August 2013

Extreme OCD Camp


Extreme OCD Camp is a two-part documentary shown on BBC Three as part of the It's a Mad World series which follows six young people who have obsessive compulsive disorder as they travel to America to embark on a treatment program. Before I watched the program I had high expectations as other programmes in the series have been really good at raising awareness about mental health illnesses; also I'm in love with the outdoors and interested in how it can help with mental well-being.

Firstly, I'd like to note that all of the young people that took part in the program were incredibly brave for fighting and raising awareness of OCD to the world. To expose their vulnerability on such a large scale must be terrifying but the progress that was evident by the end of the second episode surely made it all worth it; youngster Jack said himself "apparently you change on American road trips" and this is incredibly encouraging to other people battling OCD. It was nice to see the young people push themselves further than they initially thought possible as the program went on putting their progress in their own hands. The program showed just how powerful a positive mindset can be when in the company of other people striving to make comfortable lives for themselves.

In terms of mental health I particularly liked the use of "weather forecasting" as a way of articulating mood and how they are coping with any difficulties. I suppose describing mood using weather is a way of being able to spin a positive light on the situation; it can improve as the day goes on. The methods of treatment used within the program really intrigued me to learn more about adventure therapy after seeing such positive responses to it.

Overall I think the programmes were a fantastic way of telling the world what OCD is for those unsure and taught those who suffer from OCD that it can be managed; there is support out there! It also made me reconsider my future career. Well done all involved!


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