Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello Internet


Hi There Everyone!

I haven't really updated much recently yet I have a million and one things I want to blog about but I have been really busy recently.

I have this idea for a story which I'm battling because I'm determined to make it work and actually get it somewhere which is very unlike me. More often than not when I have creative ideas I start them then get scared that they are ridiculous ideas that won't work so stop working on them. So, this is a really big deal for me that I might actually make something of this!

Also, I got accepted onto a Talking Shop program which means that I get to do a talk on something I'm passionate about, I'm talking about how body confidence issues in youth can affect body confidence in adulthood and that maybe if society didn't push unrealistic ideals onto young people they would be more confident in their own skin.

Last weekend I went to Edinburgh with some friends which was lovely to just get away and not have to concentrate on anything important so I could de-stress and party!

And now I have a script to write because I have been given an opportunity for it to be performed which was the nicest surprise I've had recently.

So, yeah, I've been really busy but it's all good things. I appreciate nice busy and I don't really know how to be a non-busy person.


P.S. Will blog spoon!


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