Thursday, 22 August 2013



One of the things I am busy with at the minute is working on a TEDx talk which will be performed in August. My talk aims to discuss the impact modern day society has on the body confidence of young people. Is the promotion of unrealistic body ideals squashing whatever confidence people do have and should we be teaching more media literacy?

I have taken it upon myself to become well informed on the topic of body confidence and the representation of body ideas which has involved lots of watching and reading. Before this I knew next to nothing about male body confidence so that has been the focus of my attention. If I'm honest from what I've found out they seem to be pretty clueless on the pressures on women too; the amount of times I've came across the notion that they "have it worse than women" is insane! I don't neglect the fact that there are a million more pressures on men now than there has ever been in the past but I don't think they necessarily have it worse than women, they're probably catching up. The fact that people from the pornographic industry think that men are more pressured is probably the most shocking, given the way women are represented in pornographic material it seems difficult to believe that it is harsher on men. So really, we (men and women) no very little about the pressures the other sex face, would this be the way if we taught media literacy and body confidence in schools more? I think not.

Also, I'm not a dieter so I have spent quite a bit of time reading about diets and oh my who knew there were so many somewhat ludicrous ideas?! I mean really, can the eradication of specific food groups be a healthy option? Or cutting out solid food? Or living off mushrooms? What is this all about? All of this to get a 'good figure' which can probably be obtained by leading a healthy lifestyle so why don't we just promote health instead?

One last thing I don't get. The fixation society has on boobs. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?! First I thought boobs/cleavage/whatnot were a concept isolated to women (besides moobs) but I have recently found out that cleavage in men is an actual thing. A man in a bar asked me to rate his cleavage on a scale of 1-10 and I honestly had no idea what on earth I was even commenting on, I haven't exactly encountered this before, this was evident in me unintentionally offending him.

My brains aren't in my boobs so why do they matter?

Hannah :)


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