Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Beckhams Are Pretty AND Great.


I quite like the Beckham family. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm a Beckham-fanatic but I certainly don't get the issue people seem to have with the Beckham's. If I'm honest they seem like quite a normal family, all be it a little richer than the rest of us, oh and that bit where your dad is an international football star and your mam is a fashion designer/former member of girl power band: The Spice Girls.

A lot of women you speak to seem to dislike Victoria Beckham and I can honestly say I think they dislike the media's representation of her, rather than her herself. It all started with the Spice Girls, she can't sing, apparently. So? If you could make a living out of something you are gonna go for it aren't you? I have a horrendous singing voice but if someone was going to pay me to sing horrendously I'd probably go for it. So for all intents and purposes she was an independent, self-sufficient woman thanks to her inability to sing and just look good. Then she met footballer David Beckham; embarked on a solo career, became a mam and launched a fashion label. At no point was she dependent on someone else in order to make something of herself, so in that respect she is definitely a strong woman. On top of this, Victoria and husband David have done work for charity Save The Children and are patrons of the Elton John AID's Foundation. What's not to like? This is where I think the media come into play; her size seems to be what people have an issue with. So, she's slim but I wouldn't say she exactly publicises how slim she is and there isn't exactly mindless witterings about diet plans. The media do that purely on a speculation level. On google-ing the matter the only thing it brings back is the fact that she thinks that she is a normal size. What is wrong with that? The only thing I would say is: "Please smile more!"

As I was writing this I thought I'd have a look around at some recent photos of the Beckhams and have established that David Beckham has a few wrinkles. YAY. I don't think I've ever been happier to see a face age a little bit. He is still a very attractive man, so says his fabulous modelling career. Photos of him with his children just look so admirably normal and make him seem like much of a family man.

I would say that children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper have been quite protected from media exploitation. However, I would guess that Harper is star of probably one of Vogues youngest Style Files, I know very little about fashion but I'd say she is a very well dressed toddler with a vast Stella McCartney collection, making her very cute!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Beckham's are pretty great and NORMAL.