Thursday, 22 August 2013

Today's Thoughts on Music


I propose you take a trip down memory lane and play this song whilst reading:

Today I slept in, edited a script and watched a glasses fashion show. Today I ran for the bus and still missed it despite skipping drying my hair. Today I went to a music journalism session which I'm now digesting on an eight minute late 57 bus, embarrassingly playing Country Roads - Hermes House band too loudly.

I used to think I was a 'bad reviewer' because I am very rarely critical about the work of other artists. Today that changed. Reviewing isn't always about saying "this was good" and "this was bad". Why not discuss the music itself, what it evokes in you, where it takes you not what you think is pants about it.

I am quite possibly the only person to listen to The Cure when they're in a happy mood. It's just not done. The Cure have an incredible ability to make the happiest of topics sound sad on the surface. Yet somehow, somewhere, in that long summer before sixth form I discovered that their beauty extends beyond the sole cheeriness that is "Friday I'm In Love". I formed an attachment to the album "Wish" that I didn't believe to be possible between myself and an object. For months my CD player existed solely to hold that album and play it as background music to my life.Three years on I'm still using it as background music to my life, nothing can attract my undivided attention the way the intro to "To Wish Impossible Things" does and each time it tells a different story.

That's what music gives you, a story you can't find in any book and that is a one that changes with each listening whilst still having the ability to take you back to a distinct moment where it all happened. For me, every time I hear Taio Cruz - Dynamite I'm back in black hotpants, surrounded by a haze of hairspray about to take to a dance show stage. Or when I hear Biffy Clyro - Mountains I will always be taken back to that somewhat dead nightclub where a mop-haired man sang it to me whilst using interpretative dance and handing me jaffa cakes as a token of love. Or something like that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is when did writing about music start being about the gossip and stop being about the music.

Today I fell back in love with writing about something I love. And today I almost forgot to get off the bus because I am writing this whilst getting lost in Nada Surf.


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