Friday, 9 August 2013

Why am I Still Paying My Contract?


By the time this posts I must have fixed something because right now I have no internet. I am contemplating investing in a Nokia 3310 or just cutting myself off entirely and getting rid of a mobile phone entirely. I am all for all of these technological advances and such but seriously, why do they even bring them out if they can't run smoothly. I pay about £16 a month for my phone contract, yes I am aware that isn't very much but I have very little money, with that £16 I at least expect my phone to function to a reasonable level. It however does not. I got my phone less than a year ago and it functioned reasonably well when I got it, however, recently it can barely make a phonecall. I try to call people, it cuts out. I try to text and it doesn't recognise any of the words I input. I try to connect to the internet, it was network connection errors. I eventually get connected to the internet and try to use it as a hotspot for my laptop; it is unable to connect. Dearest Orange why am I paying my contract for none of it to actually hold up?
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK


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