Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Question of Size


I am quite a slim person, I'm not going to pretend I'm not. I am a size 8, 5 foot  6 and 9 stone. So it is fair to say I've been subjected to the "you're so skinny comment" quite a few times in my nineteen years. What even is that?! Apparently just because I am slim it seems to mean that I can't complain about my body in the way someone who is a shed of a pound bigger can. WHY?!

I DO NOT LIKE MY THIGHS. DONE. Somehow I am made to feel like I have to love every bit of me just because most of me is little; well do you want to know something? That is not the case. I don't like my thighs because they are proportionately bigger than the rest of me making it harder to buy jeans. Also, I nearly always wear tights because my thighs are very "corned beef-esque"; by that I mean that they are all motley and I think it looks awful. Yet if I join in a body hating conversation with this I am more often than not told to shut up. I'm sorry my thoughts don't deserve the air time because I am slim. Right?

Secondly, being slim is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Try being a 30AA bra size, I don't really mind having little boobs until I have to buy a bra and then it becomes a problem. I have the same bra in an assortment of colours because it's the only one I can find that isn't part of a "my first bra collection" for 10 year olds or has padding to make your boobs visibly 3 sizes bigger, they aren't that big so what is the point in me trying.

Add these two things together and you get a problem in the form of bikini. If it is possible for me to find a top half that fits it is adorned by a gazillion ruffles to disguise how little my boobs are. This would be fine if they didn't assume you had no bum too; so the bums are covered in ruffles too. Exactly what mine does not need.

I'm sitting writing this with full fat Irn Bru, a Greggs sandwich and a sugar strand donut. Apparently the fact I can eat this and still be slim is something to be criticised for too. I admit I don't eat this all of the time but if I want a donut I am going to have a donut.

The point of all of this was just to say it isn't all sunshine and butterflies being slim; it comes with some hiccups too.

Hannah :)


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