Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bus Etiquette


I spend a lot of my time on buses and the time I'm not on a bus I'm complaining about them. Right now I am both on the bus and complaining on buses.

1. Just because you smoke it doesn't give you the right to get on the bus before me despite the fact you arrived after me!
2. If you aren't planning on sitting on the seat at the bus stop do not bother standing in front of it, some of us would like to sit down.
3. Why, when the bus is already running late does the driver still wait at a stop?! Fair enough you are running on time or early but when does this happen?
4. Being elderly doesn't mean you can arrive later and get on before me; I don't object to giving my seat up if you are struggling but my joints are awful too.
5. Why would you eat a tuna sandwich and cheese & onion crisps on a bus OR a kebab?! Smell pollution!
6. Your free OAP bus pass is effective from 9:30, don't act like you don't know this, you do. You have an ENTIRE day to go out! I don't have an entire day to get to work/uni.
7. Buggies. There is space on the bus for one buggy and one wheelchair. Therefore one buggy should be allowed. If there is already a buggy on either: fold yours down or wait. A baby/toddler can get out of a buggy but you can't just 'get out' of a wheelchair.

I think I need to learn to drive.....

Hannah :)
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne

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