Friday, 6 September 2013

Busy Hannah


Hello Internet :)

Today I had planned to write a decent blog post but that idea has gone out of the window and it's only 9am. So instead I am bus blogging about my busy-ness.

I am on my way into Newcastle firstly to pick up train tickets to go to Stirling next week which is exciting. I'm going to stay with my friend Emily who I haven't seen in a few month so I'm missing her. I met Emily at my Outward Bound Classic Course (there's another post on that) last July/August, we're still in touch and really good friends.

After I've got my tickets I'm going to a Changemakers session called Aspire which is working on the ideas and values we gained at last weeks residential. I will blog about this afterwards.
When I've finished my Changemakers session I am moving into my new uni house which is very exciting but internetless at the minute. Yesterday was busy too but I managed to pack up everything I own in about three hours which I deem impressive timing!

THEN, on Saturday I am going to a young writers group in Newcastle which is always good. I'm going to try and drum up some people to perform their work when Cuckoo Young Writers take over Empty Shop for Durham Book Festival, again more exciting things which I will write about when I get the time and the internet.

For now though, byeeee! Have a nice day!
Hannah :)


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