Friday, 13 September 2013

Cuckoo Review: Bowie


I was in Tyneside Cinema when I fell back in love with Bowie. In fact, it was the same time I was falling in love with Stephen Chbosky’s ability to make sense of the world through the eyes of a tortured teenager. Yes, I am talking about the film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Bowie’s Platinum Collection has been on my iPod for years but that day I heard ‘Heroes’ in a way I’d never heard it before.

The majority of the songs on my iPod exist solely to block out the crying kids on the bus or to motivate me through a morning run but, every so often, on comes a song that grabs my attention and I live through that song for its few minutes. Heroes never used to be one of those songs to me; I mean yeah it’s a good song and sure, I like Bowie but that’s all it was to me – just good song.

There was just something about the reject teenagers flying through tunnels, one standing in the boot of the truck whilst the Bowie track Heroes played that made me get it and everything about it seemed to make sense in that moment. It became about the freedom of youth and the endless possibilities you have in your life; nothing can stop you for going for what you want.

When Bowie sings, “We can beat them forever and ever/ Oh we can be Heroes/ Just for one day” I get the elastic band feeling; it’s like someone ties an end of elastic around your insides and the other end to the speaker then twangs it like they are playing of guitar. I knew I had got ‘Heroes’ for the first time.

So thank you Stephen Chbosky for writing Bowie into your beautiful story because it helped me find the need for Bowie.
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