Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hannah's Late Train Journey


I am on my way back from London because I've been to B-eat and ASOS The Shape of Fashion, which I will blog about tomorrow, I have uni tomorrow so I've had to get a ridiculous late train back. By ridiculously late I mean it gets into Newcastle at 2:17am. I have uni at 9am. This does not bode well for my appearance tomorrow, I think I'll call it the: feeling like I don't function anymore. So now because I feel like I can't sleep on trains I am blogging my late night thoughts.

My poor friend Bethan ( is stuck with my text witterings because I have noone to chat to on the train. I say that like I would strike up a conversation if someone were to be sitting next to me, late nights don't stop me being English.

My brain is trying to formulate a plan of a session to do with 7-10 year olds based on Martha in the bible. It turns out 00:32 is not the time of day or night to be doing that level of thinking but given that it now has to be delivered today, technically, now is the only time of day to be thinking about it. I was supposed to go and buy things to make desserts with, the whole serving thing but I haven't had time. So instead I may have to donate my care package from my grandma and they can make foody sculptures out of the assortment of sweet foods. I honestly have no idea.

Staying with this theme of no idea. I have no idea why I have the ability to say yes to EVERYTHING. I can honestly say that I am the busiest person most of my friends know and it is all my doing. I just seem to volunteer myself for everything, so much so my brain is constantly whirring, constantly planning, constantly busy. I am forever trying to fit 48 hours into 24. I am so much on the go that I haven't actually cooked a meal in my new house. I have lived there for 12 days now. That my friends is the definition of "on the go". Somehow even though I am the busiest out of most of the people I know it still seems to be down to me to organise things or make the efforts; I would really appreciate not always being the first texter or the organiser. A little help goes a long way.

I am just generally frustrated tonight, mainly because I'm tired, my back hurts and it feels like my kidneys are crying or something so this is making me complain about everything. Some of it is rational though, I am very concerned about winter. Yesterday and today I have worn 4 layers of clothes and still been cold with achey joints. Last night I wore jarmies, a onesie and a dressing gown. This is not good given it is technically not winter yet. My poor little joints are gonna be knackered come February and my skin won't know what daylight is anymore. Anyone got any tips on not getting cold that aren't "eat loads then hibernate" because that is the current plan.
I am going to stop rambling on now.


Hannah x


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