Sunday, 15 September 2013

I Love Scotland


For those of you who don't know me: I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Scottish and have realised that this blog has been going for quite some time now and I am yet to do a post on how much I love Scotland. So here we go.

I am not sure how and when this love for Scotland started; I went to Edinburgh quite a few times when I was little to the zoo and whatnot but I wouldn't say I was 'in love' with it then. Although I am quite the fan of the penguin parade at the zoo (I hope that still exists).

The Scottish love may have properly started when I went to Loch Eil for my Outward Bound Course; I guess that was when I saw the beautiful aspects of Scotland despite the fact that it rains A LOT. Things I love about Scotland:

Good People from Scotland:
My friends Emily and Jennifer are Scottish and they are the loveliest of all people!
Biffy Clyro are Scottish and they have delightfully awesome songs.
Andy Murray is Scottish and he plays a well good game of tennis.

Pretty Places in Scotland:
Scotland is home to my favourite places to have ever spent the night and that is on the shore of Loch Treig (do lochs even have shores?!).

Loch Treig

I saw the Harry Potter train go across the Harry Potter bridge (Glenfinnan Viaduct) whilst in Scotland.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city; I mean it is big yet still manages to be cute!

Only in Scotland:
IRN BRU ON DRAUGHT! You don't get that in England; I can't ask for a vodka Irn Bru in a bar or ask for Irn Bru with my McDonalds meal. Catch up England!
Would a nightclub go crazy when a remix 500 Miles by The Proclaimers comes on (yes that song has been remixed!).
I have had a tan once in my life and that came from Scotland. Who would have thought?!

I figure I love Scotland because I am yet to have a bad Scotland experience; unless you count the time a sheep came into my tent but I like to pretend that never actually happened. Also, I am edging ever closer with my quest to become Scottish, last night someone thought I was from Glasgow. YES.

Hannah x

p.s. I don't like bagpipes. English at heart it appears.
Location: Scotland, UK


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