Monday, 2 September 2013

Values of a Leader


The weekend away with Changemakers has made me into much more of a 'thinker'. By that I mean thinking about the whys, such as:

- Why do I think ............... is important?
- Why do I even want to be a leader?
- Why do I want to make a change?

Thinking about these questions has made me self evaluate in a much more positive way than usually, rather than picking out flaws within myself I have thought a lot about how I can utilise my positives in my leadership. 

The personal answers to the questions above form my values which I want to lead with (I will come to that later) but looking at these questions within a group setting makes the question "What is a leader?" a lot smaller and despite the fact that a leader is a million and one things they are skills which naturally, we all posses but need to nurture in order to flourish as a leader. 

What Makes Up a Leader?

What is a leader?


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