Sunday, 6 October 2013

I am not a Vegetarian


I feel I should start this by clarifying the fact I am not a vegetarian. I both like and eat meat.

When I think about the concept of being a vegetarian I wonder why I'm not one; I wouldn't say I was particularly enthusiastic about animal rights I just think the fact we eat animals is a little bit weird. Like why is it culturally acceptable to eat some animals but not others, where did this come from. Making burgers out of cow = YAY! Making burgers out of cats, not so acceptable. So why can you eat cows? I am aware cow tastes nice, I am quite a fan of burgers but I also ate a mushroom burger recently which was really nice, as in instead of the beef there was mushroom instead.

I am told from a valid source (maybe not, they are vegetarian) that I do not necessarily need to eat meat to get all of my protein needs. It has been drilled into me that kale is brilliant, well, I don't like kale but spinach is even higher in protein and I am a spinach enthusiast! And according to my googling my mushroom burger may have contained more overall protein than a beef burger would have, who'd have thought it? So I'm not sure how I feel about people saying that vegetarianism isn't healthy, because lets me honest, there are lots of unhealthy not vegetarians so I reckon if you're gonna be a healthy person the fact that you eat meat or not doesn't really come into it.

Moving on from that I have some reservations about milk but only if I think about it too much. It just feels weird to drink when I think about it. If cows were the dominant species would they drink our milk (I don't know how that works for the record)? Like drinking another animals milk is just bizarre but if I don't think about it I can stomach it. I buy almond soy milk in the house but if I'm out I have no problem drinking "regular milk", I wouldn't specifically ask for soy milk because I don't think about it when I'm eating out, I assume that's because I don't actually pour it and see it so it isn't real. I don't buy butter but that is mainly because I don't particularly like it yet when I'm out, again, I'm not fussed about eating it. As for cheese, I love cheese and there is no escaping that. Cheddar, emmental, brie, feta, mozzarella, wensleydale, stilton. All cheese is good cheese.

Taking away the animal bit of vegetarianism, I just think it would be a lot easier for me to be what I call a "practical vegetarian". When I eat out I will eat meat because someone else is cooking it, however in the house it is easier to be a vegetarian. I am a very busy person and half of the time I can't keep track of my own diary so never know when I am going to be in or not therefore I never know whether or not to defrost meat, this is not an issue if you eat meat substitute because it doesn't need defrosting. Problem solved.

Practical vegetarianism is definitely the way forward. As for my mild milk complex, I have no idea what is going on with that. As for vegetarians, I think they just think more than the rest of us and that is not a bad thing. I am on the fence about the whole thing so when I start thinking more I will probably end up being a vegetarian.

Hannah x


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