Sunday, 10 November 2013

15 Minutes Live - Slung Low Theatre Group


So this weekend I was in Leeds for 15 Minutes Live, a show produced by Slung Low Theatre Group but for it to make sense we need to go back three years to when I was still at school.

I was 16 and should have been revising for an AS Psychology exam but instead I procrastinated by writing, because I am a writer and that's what we do when we know we should be doing something more important. At the time of writing The Cure were the backing track to my life, no I wasn't trying to be all tortured artisty, I just like them, see other blog post. So I sit and write what I thought was short prose based around Just Like Heaven by The Cure. It was a stereotypical teenage girl soppy love story which I am totally not into usually but hey it wasn't Psychology revision and no-one else was going to read it. Think again Hannah, think forward three years.

So three years later that so called prose piece becomes a radio play thanks to The Writing Squad, Slung Low Theatre Group and fabulous editing by Jess Brown. It is bizarre to see what was a figment of my imagination performed but I am so grateful for how well articulated it was. Actors Jo Mousley and Ed Smith were absolutely incredible. Extra thanks to Ed for learning the songs and performing them perfectly. 

The Lovely Jo and Ed in Rehearsals
I am leaving Leeds a very happy lady this weekend.

Hannah :)
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK


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