Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mixtape Theatre: Cuckoo Review


Mixtape Theatre: Number 1s 
28th October 2013
The Dog and Parrot Upstairs

Two Sides of the Same Song

As part of Alphabetti's Brolly Season Upstairs at The Dog and Parrot, a pub quiz with a twist, Mixtape Theatre has talented play-writes take classics and rework them into unrecognisable pieces of theatre. The short plays can be no longer than the pieces of music they are inspired by and can only use lyrics that are featured in the song. As a fan of music inspired work Mixtape Theatre was an event I couldn't miss and I definitely was not disappointed.

An explosive rehashed version of Lionel Richie's Hello sets us up for a night of well worked number ones, which it turns out I am very bad at guessing. My horrendous guesses are good for something though, showing how clever the scriptwriters are in that some of the original songs were more than difficult to pick out. My guessing picks up in the second half until shamefully I can't guess Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice and note it down as Superbass - Nicki Minaj; needless to say the coveted Golden Mixtape was not in reach for me.

Theatre director Melanie Rashbrooke is onto a winner with this concept and the inclusion of both young writers and performers is a one which pleases me; giving young people a platform to show off their talents results in a funny, clever, well thought out evening of new theatre. Get yourself there on Monday 25th November, 7:30pm for a night of 80s classics like you have never heard them before. 
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK


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