Sunday, 30 March 2014

Depression: Not Just a Little Bit Sad


So, today's Bus Blogging thoughts are about depression and how most people just don't get it. I'm going to make a tired attempt at clearing up a few misconceptions that I've heard around and about.

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1. Depression is Just Being a Little Bit Sad
No, depression is not just being a little bit sad. So when people say "I don't feel like going to work and I still get up and go" yes, that is because you aren't depressed. Some people with depression can feel that their mood is so low or flat (no emotion, a bit like cotton wool) that their is no motivation to do anything, yes that includes getting out of bed. So when someone is off work with depression instead of thinking they're weak or skiving, just think: would you like to feel like that?

2. People Choose to be Depressed
Choosing to be ill reallyyyyy annoys me. CHOOSE?! Who on earth would choose to feel so awful? Did you choose that flu you had last year or the asthma that comes back every time you even try to run for the bus. Thought not.

3. Cheer Up
If getting over depression could be done by someone telling you to cheer up there would be no depressed people in the world. That is the problem, they can't cheer up, they would love to but they just can't. That leg you broke last week, just walk on it please, you'll be alright. Not quite right, is it?

4. You Can't Be Depressed, I've Seen You Smile
Contrary to popular belief you can smile if you're suffering with depression, there are moments like that but that doesn't usually change what's going on in someone's head. How many times have you laughed at a joke that wasn't really funny? You smile to keep other people happy.

5. Depression is a Death Sentence
Depression doesn't have to be forever but just because someone has it short term doesn't mean their experiencee hasn't been just as difficult as people who have depression for years. Some people have a cold that lasts for a week, some have a cold which leads to a chest infection which leads to treatment which could lead to hospitalisation. They've both still had a cold.

Also, do not assume that just because someone is depressed it means that they are going to jump off the nearest bridge and don't avoid talking to them for this reason. Asking how someone is is not a scary thing, it is a perfectly normal thing and more often than not you will get a perfectly normal answer.

Next time you find out someone you know is depressed, don't brush it off, depression is serious and any support from you could work wonders.

Have a nice day!

Hannah x


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