Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Changemakers Coaching Session One


On Thursday I had my first coaching session with Changemakers which I was oddly nervous about, I think it's just because I didn't particularly know what it would entail. All I knew before going to the session was that it is referred to as "conversations with purpose", which is a difficult one when you ramble on the way I usually do, I talk utter rubbish most of the time!

I was assured by Lizzie that not all coaching sessions would take the form of the interview style that Thursday's did because that was a little intense! Having said that, the session gave me a space to think about things I wouldn't usually and I suppose look at my life a different perspective which was nice.

I thought the fact that I found the first question difficult was not a good sign but things flowed nicely after I had a proper think about what I wanted to get out of coaching and what my intentions for the sessions would be. I've decided that I'd like to use the coaching sessions to make sense out of my current commitments, I'm a really busy person but it doesn't necessarily feel like my busy-ness is helping me make progress with anything to be honest. Already that is quite a big thing for me to admit to because I find it difficult to not be busy which is an absolutely ridiculous thing for a nineteen year old student to say. Revisiting this later on in the session when asked if I ever just relax I answered with "I did nothing once". ONCE. Well, that caused mild hilarity, what kind of person can pick out a single time they properly relaxed. I'm thinking that I need to work on this relaxing thing.

I'm quite a big thinker, most of the time this is a positive thing, a lot of people I know probably think I am a bit of a pessimist but I'd rather say I'm more of a realist. Having said this I like to find positive inspiration message, I have scrapbooks of inspiration, writing on my mirror and a Pintrest board of things to inspire me but when asked the question "what inspires you" I was a little bit stumped. I'd never tried to properly define what inspires me before but came up with mountains, particularly being on top of one. I suppose it is probably the vast nothingness that inspires me, the contentment I feel after tackling a challenge such as hiking up a mountain leaves me feeling like possibilities for the future are endless, it's nice to feel so free and open.

It's difficult to think about the things that have shaped my life when I'm only nineteen, if I'm honest it is still a little bit like play dough, every time something gets shaped another thing comes along and reshapes it. Noone has put me in the oven yet to set the way I am. Here we go though, I've given it a bash:

1) Moving out for university. Loads of people told me to stay living with my mam because she lives near uni but I really wanted to try it and I'm so glad that I have. It's nice to make friends with people that I probably wouldn't have before and generally have lighthearted relationships outside of the family home. I can't really describe how but it has definitely changed my relationship with my mam, I think in a good way.

2) Having a complex family. Complex is definitely a nice way to put it, it can be the most infuriating thing in the world, more often than not making me want to bash my head off a wall but it makes me more appreciative of other people's situations for which I am thankful for. It would be nice for the biggest problems to be chipped nail varnish or streaky fake tan but I'd like to think my mind is quite open to the big problems people face.

3) Constant contact with health services. Again constantly being in contact with health services is so annoying but it has made me reconsider the direction my future career will go in. Now, more than ever I'm aware of the barriers to accessing treatment and this is something I'd like to do work on in the future.

After all of this deep, meaningful chat I told Lizzie that the one thing she should know about me is that I love the Beckhams, see previous post!

Until next months coaching!

Hannah x


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