Saturday, 11 January 2014

Coat Hanger Robots


We are the coat hanger robots of high-end designers, only as real as the wigs upon our heads. We're the ones they all envy as we strut back and forth painted the same shade of misery, for our smiles are saved for nightfall. We flash our dentist-white teeth to the wallets of business men in VIP areas as they pour us more glasses of bubbles. We tie back Alice's hair whilst she slumps over the toilet bowel because that could be our stupid mistake come next week and tomorrow it will be like it never happened because we live on fast-forward. No time for pause, stop or rewind just faster, faster, faster. We are the pin-pricked stomachs of the envious dressers, we are hard-faced steel robots who answer to the demands of anyone. You think we're all dead behind the eyes but we're not, we know what you think when you paint over our designer bags under our eyes or what us hide our coke-induced nose bleeds. 

This is not glamour. 

This is torture. 

But this is life.


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