Tuesday, 7 January 2014



Why can the media tell us we're fat but we can't tell each other?

January is the destroyer of self-esteem and it really annoys me. The festive period is such a nice time to be eating, drinking and being merry but then as soon as the bell chimes midnight on 1st January it all goes to pot. Come 1st January we are bombarded by adverts convincing us to shed those "extra pounds" and join the gym because it's January discount time...we all know we won't still be there in February but don't worry because you can slob about on your double discounted sofa that you got just in time for Christmas.

I will get to my point. Christmas is what, 7 days, from Christmas day to New Years Day. How much "damage" can really be done in festivities so short. Surely not so much that a radical diet MUST be started on 1st January. Yet everywhere I turn is another diet or weight-loss group or fitness regime or fat free yoghurt I should be living on. Well you know what, January does not mean I have to partake in this so stop shoving it down my throat! The media is telling me I am fat at every opportunity and they make a frighteningly convincing argument despite me still having breathing room in my size 8 skinny jeans. How is it they are allowed to tell all of us that we're fat yet it is a taboo subject in conversation, if someone says to you "I put on so much weight over Christmas" you wouldn't dare say back "Yeah, you have", the proper response is for some reason: "Yeah, me too". What is that all about?! I haven't put on a ton of weight so why on earth would I say it. Absolutely crazy. Sometimes I just wish people were more blunt, people tell me I should eat some pies (I don't like pie, just for the record, I got food poisoning from one once) but I wouldn't DREAM of telling someone to eat fewer pies.

The media though, they have the divine power to tell us to eat less pies.

I wish they didn't.

Hannah x


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