Monday, 20 January 2014

Team Juice Initial Meeting


Team Juice First Meeting
Sage Gateshead
Thursday 16th January 2014

Last Thursday marked the first meeting of Team Juice 2014, we talked Arts Award, empowerment and what we wanted to get out of the experience. Around the table were young people who have been involved with Juice in some way or another in the past, be it as a performer, volunteer, assistant or evaluator and now we've all came together to make Juice Festival 2014 even better than ever before.

Phase one of Team Juice is running from January - March 2014, our first job as a group was to come up with our aims and objectives in this initial phase.

-Make long term goals.
-Establish everyone's group roles and give them titles.
-Create an overall rold of the group as a collective.
-Achieve Silver Arts Award.
-Explore relationships with the venues associated with Juice Festival.
-Find out what each person wants to get out of the experience.

-Have fortnightly meetings.
-Speak to venues associated with Juice Festival and attend events hosted by them.
-BE VOCAL, if there are things you are passionate about getting involved with, let it be known.
-Familiarise ourselves with the staff at Juice Festival venues.
-Communicate with the rest of the group via Facebook group, email and mobile.
-Learn about what Arts Award is and how to achieve it.
-Make space for Arts Award one to one sessions.
-Create a network within each other.
-For us to chat to the new volunteers recruited by Juice and help them out with advice.

Following on from creating the initial aims and objectives we looked at what we as a group think is necessary for each stage of planning for the festival:

Stage One: January - March
-Evaluate Juice Festival 2013, share ideas and views.
-Decide on each person's role within the group.
-Brainstorm events we would like to take place or even lead on.
-Have social meet-ups to bond as a group

Stage Two: April - August
-Write the program for Juice Festival 2014, provide previews of events coming up in the festival.
-Contact venues to familiarise ourselves with the set-up in particular venues.
-Co-ordinate with Juice Festival partner schools to talk about what will be happening at Juice Festival 2014.
-Assist in recruiting volunteers for Juice Festival 2014, talk to universities and colleges about the opportunities open to them.

Stage Three: September - After the Festival
- Recruit "supervisor" roles for different venues to help with volunteers.
-Talk to existing groups about events they may be interested in attending.
-Send out information about events via email, social networking and programs.
-Collect feedback at events.

Keep reading for updates on where we're at with the planning of Juice Festival!

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