Friday, 14 February 2014

Changemakers Coaching Session Two - Relax


Yesterday I had my second coaching session with Changemakers which I am going to split into two blog posts. We talked a lot about my frustration with my current injury using the phrase "accept what you can't change and change what you can't accept", this will form the second blog post I'm going to write but firstly I'm going to have a look at my issue with relaxing.

In the first coaching session I had I realised I could only pick out one occasion that I properly relaxed on and given that it currently hurts to walk I'm going to have to learn how to chill out and let people help me. This brings me on to my point, I wrote some action points at the end of the session, one of which is to do something relaxing every day for one month. I am vowing to set aside time for myself, to do something I enjoy and find relaxing. No dashing about the place busying myself with things that aren't really that important. Just a relaxing activity.

This year I decided I wasn't making any "formal" new years resolutions because I think that it sets you up to fail. Well, I kind of lied a little bit. I made a form of new years resolution. I decided that for every day in January I was going to inspire a very close friend of mine, January ended and I realised I was still doing it, not every day but regularly, purely because I was in the habit of doing it. Most of the days I wrote or made something or told her to write or make something. The point is I am thinking about doing something in a similar way with these relaxing parts in my day. I used to really enjoy doing crafts, so today marks the day of starting to do this kind of thing again. Today my first relaxing activity has matched both of these thing together, why make one person happy when you can make two happy. I've made a washing line of butterflies for my friend to write something to inspire herself on each butterfly each day and started her off with her first butterfly.

I'm setting up a Pintrest board to post a picture each day of what I've done to relax, this way I have to do it. View my board here: Relax Hannah.

Hannah x


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