Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Coffee, Coats and Carole


Tuesday 11th February and I'm off to Edinburgh again because not not being there for five months is five months too long, so my mam got roped into a day trip. Before I start wittering on let it be known that my mam is quite anxious where trains are involved.

We arrived at Newcastle thirty minutes before the train was due and that was apparently far too late, my mam then got out the wrong train tickets because it was "too dark" and despite there being twenty minutes until the train was due there was definitely no time for a takeout coffee. Don't be ridiculous now Hannah. After convincing my mam that there was plenty of time for coffee it all came out. "Hannah, I think it's the mess of the station disturbing me." There are no words.

We've been having a giggle the last week or so about the fact I'm 19 going on 90 with the speed I'm hobbling about on my crutches, then it just so happened by coincidence that we were assigned these seats...

Staying with my crutches problems we went for a hand and arm massage because the palms of my hands are absolutely ruined! We were in Jo Malone, I'm scared to even sniff perfume in there in case I knock it over because it costs more than I have in my bank most weeks! It was a nice relax but my  hands were so smooth afterwards they spent the next hour slipping off my crutches resulting in me falling all over the place. If you have a little bit more money than me in your bank I recommend either the Red Roses or the  English Pear and Freesia scents.

I'm going to Milan in August (I promise this is relevant) so me and my mam were chatting about holidays, this escalated to talking about party holidays. "I just don't understand why you would waste your money going to Magaluf. Just get yourself on a sunbed and go down the Bigg Market, same number of weirdos." My mother, ladies and gentlemen. Did I mention this conversation happened in an Italian restaurant where we were spontaneously served watermelon and ice cream with raspberry sauce. When I say spontaneously I mean we neither ordered nor wanted it. Weird. 

By this point in the day it was lovely and sunny, I wouldn't go as far as to say it was warm, c'mon its Scotland but it was pleasant. See...

This lasted all of two hours before we were greeted with a snowy downpour and ended up looking like this...

All in all it was a lovely day where I bought everything other than what was on my list, wore my already tired feet out and drank my weight in coffee. Before leaving Edinburgh we visited St Andrew's Square to see Bruce Munro's fabulous Field of Light installation:

Hannah x


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