Sunday, 16 February 2014

Great North Run


Last Monday I got an email confirming my place in the Great North Run. I'm not going to lie, this was far from good news given that I'm currently having trouble walking never mind running! The Great North Run is about 7 months away so I'm trying to be positive about the situation and hope that I'm doing really well by then but the most annoying bit is that I'm totally in the dark. No doctor has actually found out what is wrong with my foot but more importantly I don't know what can be done to make it better, all I know is that there is a bone in my foot bent twenty degrees in the wrong direction and that I should avoid pressure on it by using crutches. So you can see why the news of running a half marathon is a bit scary!

Most of you are probably thinking 'why on earth are you doing it?' I'm doing it because:

1) I like a challenge and this is a big one.

2) There are people in far worse situations than me.

3) The charity I am running for are amazing!

I'm going to be running for B-eat, a charity that supports people with eating disorders, their family and friends. The charity relies heavily on their volunteers to run help-lines, support groups and get involved in research. Most importantly they need people to carry out fundraising in order for their amazing work to continue. One of the reasons I am doing it is the determination I have to raise money for this charity, they are supporters of something very close to my heart. I know many people that have struggled with eating disorders: some recovered and some still fighting through each day. In times of despair support is all any of us would want and it is what all of us deserve.

I am determined to finish the Great North Run no matter what happens with my foot. I will finish if I walk, run or crawl. I'll keep you all up to speed with my progress!

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