Sunday, 16 February 2014

'I'm Being Good' and Why I Hate it!


I was having a coffee with a friend in Starbucks the other day and two middle-aged men were sitting on the table next to us. Both men had coffees and one also had a slice of carrot cake, the cake-less man said to the other 'that looks so good, I love carrot cake.'
The man with cake naturally responds with 'it is good, you should get some.'
'No, I can't, I'm being good.'


Why are you deemed to be 'good' if you deny yourself the pleasure of eating a slice of cake?! If anything you are bad for torturing yourself by thinking you can't have it! I did oddly appreciate the fact that it was men I heard saying this because I am sick of people thinking that women are the only food fixators.

This brings me on to the related issue of clean eating.


I'm sorry, do you usually eat out of bins? If yes, I can see why that kale and spinach feast is clean. Otherwise, what the hell are you on about?!

I am going to stop now because I could complain about this forever.

Off to eat some cake.

Hannah x


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