Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Off My Toes



I have been off my toes for a week and a half now and its already doing my head in so I'm going to have a complain here. It started with me first not being able to move my toes on one foot and has now escalated to constant pain,  hobbling about on  crutches and apparently a bone bent 20 degrees in the wrong direction in my foot. Fantastic.

You dont realise how frustrating it is to be off yout feet until it actually happens. Everything takes so much longer than before and more planning. Generally I'm not very good at being lazy,  id much rather walk places than wait around for delayed buses but my little weedy arms aren't strong enough for me to hop about everywhere on crutches so I reluctantly wait. This is where the ultimate frustration begins.  People give me the pity look when I'm standing at the bus stop but dont quite feel sorry enough for them to shift out of the way of the seat they aren't actually sitting on! A similar story starts when I get on the bus, the pity look starts again, this time women sit in the easy access seats with their handbags plonked next to them. They look up and watch me awkwardly throw myself up a step instead because they are too ignorant to move their bags. There have been  countless versions of this story over the last week.

I eventually get to town or wherever I'm heading and accessibility worsens. Out of order lifts, no escalators, impossibly high curbs, little green men that turn red all too quickly, people forcing me into wqlls and roads left right and centre. I wish I wasn't so determined to be independent, it would be so much easier to sit in the house and do nothing.

To top this off,  I have a place in the Great North Run.

I'll stop complaining now!

Hannah x


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