Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Play


I came up with a new play idea a few months ago and as usual I let the ideas float about my head for a little while until I can clearly work out what it is I want to write about. That time passed, I did some planning, thought about what medium I was going to write it for, started actually writing it, made a pin-board for it yet here I am still referring to it as "The Play" or "The New Play". It is really starting to annoy me that it doesn't have a name, I don't normally get that hung up on names but for some reason it is really annoying me.

Grace is a student, an optimist, a runner, works as a barista. She drinks coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and green tea on an evening. Grace dances when she thinks noone is watching her, she prefers daffodils to roses. Grace will judge you if you order your coffee without foam. Grace is a butterfly stuck in a cage called life. Grace has anorexia but she is so much more than that.

This afternoon I rattled off this slightly out of hand list of possible titles:

• Baby Steps • Frozen Steps • Steps of a BabySteps of a Frozen Baby • Butterfly Steps • BlanketsFrozen BlanketsBlankets of a Baby • Bottles of Butterflies • Glass bottles • Bottled-up dreams • Bottled-up Butterfly • Encaged • Caged dreams • Caged footsteps • Brave Butterflies • Catching Butterflies • Caged wings • Birdcage • Frozen Wings • Feathers of a butterflyHandcuffed ButterflyWinged OnesWinged WandsWands with Wings • Blossoming Butterflies • Wings of a Feather • Butterfly Fields • Broken Butterflies • Amputee Butterflies • The Devils Fly • Knitwear for Butterflies • When Satin Fails, Enter Jumpers • Paper Wings • Satin Wings • Just Add Jumpers • Wing Transformation • Butterfly Jumpers • Wiggly WormsWanted WormsWorms of GraceWormy Wands • From Grace with Wings • Eleutheromania • Swimming with Butterflies

I was looking at the pictures on my pin board whilst rattling off this list and clearly some of the titles could go straight away. Here is a smaller lists of titles I may actually consider:

 • Catching Butterflies
 • Swimming with Butterflies 
 • Frozen Wings 

For now though I should be actually writing "The Play". Take a look at my pin-board for it:

Hannah x 


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