Saturday, 29 March 2014

Coaching Session Three


On Friday (when I started this blog post that time frame was more relevant, in reality it was now weeks ago) I had my third coaching session with Changemakers. I had originally arranged the coaching session to discuss some new ideas I have as I quite often have these 'bright ideas' then never make the time in my life to implement them. Well, that's not what we did, we did something more productive.

If someone asks me to do something I will rarely say no (please don't take advantage of that). Because of this I do a lot of voluntary work that I often don't really want to do or I'd rather be doing something else, this in turn stops me doing the things I want to. Thus none of my 'bright ideas' ever become anything. This is going to change. Hence how this blog post didn't really get written, I am now dedicating time in my life to do the things that I want to do.

I feel like I might finally be having my light bulb moment in my life where I will get somewhere I want to be. I have almost finished a play that I had an idea about in October and never got around to doing it. I'm doing some research into arts therapy projects. I have actually done some yoga again.

I don't really think there is anything else I want to say about this because I should be writing a play not talking about writing one.

Below is my life in post-its...I am that sad...

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