Saturday, 29 March 2014



Today was the last Writing Squad day, woo, I'm a squadie graduate! I'm not usually a big fan of Manchester and I don't really know why but today I really liked Manchester. Today is also the day of the legalisation of same sex marriage in the UK so we went out onto the streets of Manchester to get their views on it.

I don't think I was fully prepared for the outcome of chatting to people about same sex marriage I figured that there would be two types of people:
- The ones who think same sex marriage has been a long time coming.
- The ones who think it is a sin. 
Not once did it cross my mind that a fifty-five year old man would tell me it is a government ploy so they have to pay out less in terms of pensions because married couples get less than single couples. Now that is cynicism for you right there. The same man also told me it just gave gold-diggers an extra opportunity to cash in. Really not what I had expected. 

I always have faith that I am going to meet some street preacher that I get along with but sadly it still hasn't happened. I'm looking for a street preacher that has the same views as me or is willing to have an open conversation with me, not a one that tells me I can't be a Christian because my beliefs differ to theirs. Today I tried to chat to a street preacher about their views on same sex marriage and was sadly met with her telling me it was a sin. I tried to give me usual spiel about loving everyone and being accepting but she wasn't really having it. There was no shifting her views on same sex relationships let alone marriage, however something interesting did come out of this. She told me that "love is an action not an emotion" which if I'm honest is a totally crazy comment. It is apparently wrong to have an intimate relationship with someone of the same sex however saying that love is an action implies that it's not a true emotion it's just sex. What on earth, contradiction much? I left the conversation feeling very sad that people feel so strongly against expressing love and couldn't imagine not being open-minded. 


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