Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Save Rock and Roll


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Fall Out Boy
Save Rock and Roll

Metro Radio Arena Newcastle
Friday 21st March 2014

'Long live the car crash hearts'

I have been waiting the best part of eight years to see Fall Out Boy live and I can only imagine how excited thirteen year old me would have been to be seeing Fall Out Boy for that is the time I was at the peak of my Pete Wentz fangirling. Nothing and everything has changed since I first fell in love with Fall Out Boy and I see this 'review' of their performance being far from a review and more a discussion on the bid to Save Rock and Roll. 

Who's to say we need to Save Rock and Roll, given that this gig was the first time in a a while that I have felt passionately about music, I say we need to Save Rock and Roll.

Rock and roll is 'for all of the boys who the dance floor didn't love and all of the girls whose lips couldn't move fast enough'. The Save Rock and Roll gig reminded me of way back when I first discovered Fall Out Boy when I was that girl looking for life's answers to be fed to her through head phones. Friday night reminded me that music will always have the answers for me and the answers appear ever more clear in a room packed full of sweaty like minded individuals.

There is no relevance in talking about the set list but just in case you are intersted they played Fall Out Boy songs, kinda predictable. The gig gave me a few hours of reminiscing back to how thirteen year old me felt when she was discovering herself, at the same time discovering her love for music and it gave me comofort to discover not all that much has changed in those six years. Fashions change, prime ministers change and futures change but one thing that hasn't changed is how much faith I have in music to be the common denominator in my life. Music remains constant and music gives hope. And in that few hours spent at a gig there is no outside world. There is peace and equality and hope.

Save Rock and Roll guys.

Hannah x


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