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Erin Lange Author Event


Seven Stories
Wednesday 2nd April 2014

'By reading I was someday learning how to write.'

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'This coffee shop was my safe place.'

Erin Lange, Erin Jade Lange, EJ, Monkey and a few other names that are lost in my short memory. Erin Lange has three small scars on each knee off an operation on dislocated knee caps; a giant leg scar from nobody telling her you don't press down when you shave; a moon shaped scar on her arm that came from being a Subway Sandwich Artist; a scar on her head after it was stapled back together and a toe scar from falling down an escalator in Chicago. Erin Lange's biggest scar is a one none of us could see, the scar of 'stupid', the scar from age thirteen which still hasn't faded.

The term bullying is just another word we're all desensitised to, yeahyeah everyone was bullied, kids are kids. Next. Well no, not everyone is and it's not just kids being kids. Erin went on to talk about meeting elderly people with Alzheimer's, most of whom couldn't remember their family members but each and every one of them remembered being bullied. That's the thing about being bullied, it's okay to remember it ten, twenty years later and still be a little bit scared when you pass that same bully from high school on the street.

By day Erin works in the news room as a producer, she's the one behind the scenes telling the people on TV what to do while by night she writes fiction and finds that 'reality is way worse and scarier than fiction'. That response alone explains the need for debut novel Butter, the tale of a boy who threatens to eat himself to death live on the interne, because for every event we would never happen there are cases of it happening all over the world. More than one thousand people signed online to watch Abraham Biggs take his own life so, sadly I have no doubt that Butter could happen. Erin then went on to tell us that this is why she writes, yes she can't change the facts but she can 'give the edge of hope'.

With this, we learn a lesson:

'Don't be afraid to write what they tell you not to write.'

As readers we are never satisfied, especially when it comes to fantastic authors like Erin Lange so the only obvious question is 'what's next'? Next is a story of four teens who witness a crime and then accidentially commit one of their own. In the twenty four hours that follow this they learn that the people to trust are each other. Aka: the Breakfast Club on wheels with an edge of thriller. 

Visit Erin's website here for news and information on Butter and Dead Ends:

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