Friday, 25 April 2014

Fashion Revolution Day


On 24th April 2013 an eight-storey factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1100 people. One year on the anniversary date has been named Fashion Revolution Day. Now I'm not naive enough to think that posting a picture on Twitter of me wearing my clothes inside out is going to cause a clothes manufacturing revolution but it is a symbol of my desire to be more fair trade-conscious.

A few years ago I stopped eating all chocolate then vowed to only eat fair trade chocolate as a commitment to the farmers I'll never know but that is no reason not to care.

Last week I became a vegetarian because I feel like I never know what is in the meat I'm eating and that concerns me. I'll wait until legalities change with regards to labelling of meat.

These were both commitments of journeys and now I am going to commit myself to another journey, the journey of my clothes from factory to wardrobe.

Hannah x


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