Thursday, 24 April 2014

Invisible Illness


I have a connective tissue disorder which causes me to have hypermobility. In simple terms my joints are over-flexible, this sounds like a great thing until you factor in the fact it causes inflammation and my body to have to over-work, leaving me exhausted. This flared up particularly badly recently leaving me on two crutches. It was obvious when I got on the bus that I struggled walking, given the crutches yet nobody allowed me to have an easy access seat which is incredibly frustrating. I understand that usually people wouldn't know if I was in pain because it is invisible but when I am dragging myself around on crutches I thought people would be a bit more considerate, maybe not. 

Related to this, I was flicking through Twitter yesterday and found a petition to get badges for the London tube available for those with invisible disabilities to enable them to have a seat similar to the "Baby On Board" badges that had been produced. Although I don't live in London I think this is a great idea. 

The petition is here if you would like to sign it: Invisible Disability Badge Petition

Hannah x


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