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School of Language


Cluny, Newcastle 
Monday 7th April 2014

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School of Language - 07/04/2014

You wouldn't think Monday's Cluny gig was the first School of Language had done since September 2008 with the form Dave Brewis held throughout. I had hoped the entire gig would have been performed in the Mario-esque boiler suits with matching School of Language caps they wore during sound check however Brewis returned to the stage dressed his trendy self.

Brewis played songs mostly from the released on the day album, Old Fears however the show would not have been complete without a song or two from Sea From Shore namely the Rockist set, much to the delight of the audience. Now that singles aren't a big deal any more the audience were blissfully unaware of the musical mastery that was to come out of Brewis' mouth and guitar.

An album that takes us back to Brewis' roots, Old Fears feels so much like we are flitting through his early adult years and dare I say it his early love encounters in Suits us Better. Almost like we can see his romance on a screen, his lyrics are encompassing of many a young boy-meets-girl scenario, but with a focus being literature, there is a tenderness and a uniqueness to Brewis' words not found by myself before.

I really want to write about Dress Up however in this moment the words escape me and all I can think is go and buy Old Fears, jump to track five and soak up the quirky beauty of the track. Then times that beauty by one hundred and you have the atmosphere of Monday night.

Never have I heard such a good gig announcement as "My wife made cakes", every other merch stand is quite clearly missing Dave Brewis' wife Laura's free bubblegum-pink cupcakes iced with an album title.

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Ms Brewis Bakes

"This is definitely the last song because we don't know any more and encores are bullshit"

Praise be to the Lord that I did not have to stand the awkward crowd moment of waiting for a band to return to the stage when we all knew it would happen because they hadn't played something so obvious like their titled track.

If you happen to be located elsewhere in the UK, try and catch School of Language on tour.

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