Friday, 18 April 2014

Thank You to the Ones Who Stayed


I think people should always be told when they do good, nice things so that is what this post is. I am going to name individuals but there are others.

As most of you know I've recently hurt my foot so have been unable to do lots of the things I used to. I have been a bit unpredictable and unreliable, mostly because of pain. The pain is tiring and often makes me feel sick so obviously I don't always feel like going out. This is a giant thank you to those who waited around for me, who juggled things around to make things easier and just asked how I am.

Thank you to Laura B for endless cups of coffee and someone to listen to me.
Thank you for understanding and keeping me smiling.

Thank you to Ben for being the one who picked me up from hospital when all of this happened. Thanks for putting up with me crying and feeling sick of everything.
Thank you for taking me shopping when I couldn't carry any bags, as boring a job as that is.
Also thank you for keeping frozen yoghurt in your freezer.

Thank you to Beth for still giving me giggles when it felt like there wasn't much to laugh about.
Thank you for always being at the end of the phone.

Thank you to Emily for always fixing my life, usually with ice cream or chocolate buttons. T
hanks for reminding me that things are still normal.

Thank you to Laura R for being the one from uni who always checks in with how I am even when there was a chance I might have to drop out.
Thank you for being the one to help me work out the solutions to my messes.

There are other people who have supported me but these are the ones who needed the first mention.

Hannah x


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