Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Events Review


The Events
Northern Stage
Tuesday 15th April 2014
David Greig
Ft. Gosforth Community Choir

Two spilled coffees, Dizzee Rascal and Souls. The Events is ultimately a play about atrocity, forgiveness and being human.

I'm not going to lie, I initially thought I was in the wrong show, the casually dressed choir majorly threw me off but as soon as Claire starts lip syncing Bonkers then to be joined by the choirs rendition of it I knew I was in the right place however bizarre that place may be.

Jesus had started a new religion, Gavrilo Princip fired the shot that started World War One and Bod Geldof has saved Africa by the time they were the age of The Boy. This leaves him to assume "the only means I have are art or violence and I've never been very good at drawing." Supposedly a response to Anders Breivik's mass shooting on Ut√łya Island, the play tackles the subject of racism head on, ultimately asking the question:

"I think we're all racist don't you."

This made sound outwardly ridiculous because we supposedly live in an accepting society but ultimately most of society does seem to exist in little communities who keep themselves to themselves. Yes, we aren't all actively racist but I do believe in a way a lot of people are racist in some way. I feel that the play has the ability to leave a lasting impact in that it has made me think more about how society is constructed and how it ultimately runs.

The Events features a different community choir everywhere it is performed at. Gosforth Community Choir took to the stage on Tuesday to play Claire's choir and owned the stage each time they opened their mouths to sing.

"Popular kids think that people are basically good. People are basically not good."

This is a line with which all who have been tormented can identify with, when people let you down over and over you learn to think people are basically not good. This leads us to assume that is how The Boy got to the point that we meet him at in the play.

Ultimately the play dances around the subject of forgiveness as we follow Claire, a priest, who wants to forgive but cannot find it within herself so becomes obsessed with finding an explanation for The Boy's actions.


"It's important to turn the dark things into light."

Hannah x


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