Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's a Diagnosis?


I believe getting a diagnosis can either make or break a person. It will either make sense of their world or make a complete mess of their world. For me a diagnosis made things made sense. 

As some of you might know I've been on crutches for awhile, around two months. All I was told at the hospital was that there was a bone bent in my foot and that I needed to be seen urgently by Rheumatology, I then waited two months to see a specialist at Rheumatology. This time was really difficult for me:

1. I had convinced myself that I would need surgery to have the bone straightened.

2. I couldn't go to work because of the crutches so I felt really sad.

3. Every day I seemed to have a new guessed diagnosis. 

4. I was in almost constant pain and when I wasn't I felt sick off the pain killers I was using. 

I have a wealth of bad doctor experiences so assumed I wouldn't get any answers from my appointment with the specialist. Thankfully, exactly the opposite happened. I was treated by one of the most lovely doctors I have ever met and she explained the problem. Apparently all of the problems I am having at the minute are because of a combination of Hypermobility Syndrome and Reynaud's. I got diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome in my early teens, I had physio and some medication to help with pain, it made some things difficult but I could manage. Recently, I definitely have been managing. As for Reynaud's, my circulation has always been rubbish but I had never been diagnosed with anything until today. 

I am now on medication to treat both of these conditions, the one for Reynaud's is working instantly. I could actually feel my feet the other day! (This is a big deal). The one for hypermobility will take a little bit longer but the doctor seemed confident that it should make things a lot better. 

Things feel like they're on the up again, good treatment can change people's lives. Be positive! 

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