Thursday, 8 May 2014

Anthropoetry Review


Live Theatre
Thursday 8th May 2014
Ben Mellor and Dan Steele 

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"The route of a lot of our unhappiness is how we measure ourselves"

Tonight I went to see Anthropoetry at Live Theatre and it was an amazing mix of heavy dub metal step, poetry and anatomy. The best of combinations to create a good giggle!

I'm not usually a fan of the whole 'show before the show' thing, you know when an actor walks around to interact with the audience? Mostly because I am terrified of having to engage in audience participation yet I somehow found it totally find for a guy in a white lab coat to approach me and ask if he can measure my forearm. He informs me that the length of it should mean that I can handle my drink quite well and I tell him it makes me awful at rock climbing. After this brief encounter Dr Ben (not a real doctor) introduced the show and proceeded to take us on a tour of the human body with his willing lycra-clad assistant, Dan.

Mellor's poetry is a one I find difficult to put into words, I found his ability to utilise crude imagery in an eloquent way somewhat bewildering. I'm usually that woman who is scared to laugh at sex jokes in public or awkwardly looks around to check there aren't any kids in the room like some sort of anxious parent but Live Theatres cosy theatre space felt like exactly the place to laugh at sex jokes and cringey puns in.

Far more than a poetic science lesson, Anthropoetry explored the way in which we connect with our bodies to the way in which society as a whole views our bodies. Whether the bodies explored are those of page three of The Sun or those who we fall in love with.


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