Saturday, 3 May 2014

Changemakers at Mind the Gap Conference


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Today I went to Mind the Gap Mental Health Conference with Changemakers to collect people's opinions for our Change Your Mind About Young People Project. We were asking people what should be the priority for improvement within GP surgeries:

GP's knowledge about mental health in young people, do GP's need more education in this area?

GP's ability to signpost to other services, do they know the appropriate NHS and charitable organisations that can help? 

GP's ability to provide support to young people with mental health problems, do they know they support people need? 

We're hoping to get out and about in Newcastle and Gateshead in the next month asking more people these questions but the current results from the forty-seven people we surveyed today are:

Knowledge     - 23 votes
Signposting     - 11 votes
Support          - 13 votes

The following are some improvements suggested by people at the conference today:

- People would like to see a better referral system that offers support whilst people are waiting for treatment.

- Increased education for family members and carers around mental health.

- GPs to improve their knowledge about mental health conditions through mandatory training.

Thankfully it wasn't all doom and gloom experiences, I spoke to someone who told me that their GP was an amazing support and was the most useful practitioner that they had seen for their mental health. I have hope that everyone will have this equal positive experience some day, after all they deserve it.


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