Friday, 9 May 2014

I Think I Was an 80s DJ


So, I've always had quite an eclectic (aka: weird) music taste but recently it seems that my brain has taken a liking to a bizarre combination of tunes for a nineteen year old. Most of the songs I am currently listening to are 80s which makes me think that maybe in a past life I was an 80s DJ then something awful happened to me like I got suffocated with a pair of leg warmers or something causing me to die and be born again in the 90s. Who knows. Either way, I'm gonna share with you the tunes of the week.

Ah, Whitney. I have been listening to a lot of Whitney Houston recently. I'm not sure when or how I became a fan of Whitney Housten because I never used to be but at the minute when I feel like I'm having a rubbish day I seem to resort to her music. I can't continue to have a bad day if I'm listening to I Wanna Dance With Somebody, they just don't exist together. 

Last Sunday in the car my parents had absolute 80s on and I started to sing along to Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood which caused them both to complain about the song. We concluded that I only like the song because I wasn't around when it was out and played to death. This goes hand in hand with my theory that I used to be an 80s DJ, I was the one playing this song to death! I always wonder when I see teenage girls with "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirts on if they actually know the crack or not...

I am a big Michael Jackson fan, this is not a new discovery. I reckon his best stuff is in the 1987 album Bad, so here I am again, back in the late 80s. I don't really know what to say about him other than the fact his music is mint, if I'm listening to Michael Jackson I have to listen to solely his music. I seem to get into some sort of Jackson zone which seems to go on for awhile.

Bowie, Bowie, Bowie. I have a David Bowie t-shirt and I was telling a friend about my intentions to rip the bottom off it because it had his name on and I was like "really, of course it's David Bowie, there is his face, who doesn't know that face?!" One of my favourite songs of all time features Bowie. There are no words for this song. BTW, I don't like Queen.

I'm going to finish with Duran Duran. I quite like Wild Boys but I every time I hear it I laugh and cringe because it takes me back to when I used to do dance at school. I remember one of the younger dance groups doing a dance to Wild Boys, the girls in it must have only been about fourteen if that and they were dressed in cargo play-suit things and it was just horrendous and I can imagine some shocked parents in the audience. So, I'm not putting Wild Boys here to save my own cringe, why not have Girls on Film instead?

That concludes my current 80s DJ brain. I had to resist putting a song by The Cure in, mostly because there aren't many upbeat ones to pick from and I'm trying to listen to cheery music. I also missed out the fact I'm totally bashing the Dirty Dancing soundtrack so I didn't look like a total girly girl. I am a little bit!

Hannah x


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