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Breakin' Convention
Whitley Bay Playhouse
Saturday 24th May 2014

I first saw ILL-Abilities perform back in October 2013 as part of Just Jam at Juice Festival and was totally blown away. I wrote this blog post about equality in hip-hop dancing as a testament to the power of dance. On Saturday night I found myself in that exact place again, I felt the same empowerment I did the first time around and so much more. 

People who follow my blog will know about my foot problems I have been having over the last few months, for those few months I felt totally stuck. However, recently I have found a new lease of life and have actually RAN. I felt really excited about this and put it all down to mental strength, the bent bone in my foot hasn't changed, my mindset changed. This is not an entirely irrelevant ramble in the middle of a review, I promise. 

The ILL-Abilites' performance featured spoken word over the top, the words that have stuck with me most are these ones from Redo:

"It is your own strength that can carry you where you want to."

I think this is the key to achieving your dreams. If you really want something, hold onto it and give it your all. The only thing that disables you is not trying. 

The way Kujo commanded the floor I would never have known he couldn't hear the music, his performance seemed so woven through the music it was incredible. Far from his healing disabling him, it makes him super human.

"No excuses, no limits"

If you get the chance to see ILL-Abilities, GO. You will be amazed by their performance and inspired by their stories.

Hannah x


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