Thursday, 1 May 2014

Organisations That Changed Me


Last summer I got onto the Changemakers leadership program and could never have anticipated how much it has helped me or how many further opportunities I would get from it. I had done leadership courses before I went onto Changemakers but they all teach you how to manage people where Changemakers teaches you how to manage yourself first. The program to taught me to think about what really mattered to me, it taught me to get more in touch with what I am passionate about and where I wanted to go in the future. 

I graduated from the program in October but I am still working with them on a project called Change Your Mind About Young People which aims to improve young people's experiences when accessing their GPs. This has been such an amazing opportunity. Throughout the Changemakers experience I realised how important giving people a voice was to me and now I have the chance to give lots of young people voices and opinions. 

One to one coaching through Changemakers has been such a valuable experience for me, I have such a busy life that being given the space to just talk about where I want to be going is great. It's great to have someone that can ask you the difficult questions that you know you have to answer but you have been avoiding.

If you are good enough then you are old enough, embrace the young leaders of your community!  

I think I was about fourteen when I first got involved in New Writing North's young writers programs and my involvement with them seems to have grown since then. Way back at the beginning I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my writing, I quite enjoyed writing but never really saw it going places. 

New Writing North enabled me to have my work published for the first time, they gave me my first opportunity to perform my own work and my first opportunity to support others through editing work. 

Five years on writing is so much more than something I just quite enjoy, I write now because I can't not write. I have constant ideas of things I want to talk about and it appears now that scriptwriting and blogging are the ways I can do that.

The Girls' Brigade didn't really change me, I'd say it made me who I am today. I started going to a Girls' Brigade company when I was five and have went there ever since. I think they've brought me up to live my life the best way I could. They've taught me how to support others and how important it is to empower people. I also tried out synchronised swimming in my time at Girls' Brigade. 

Girls' Brigade gave me my first leadership experience from which many others have followed. 

Girls' Brigade have very much been my foundation.

The Writing Squad have built mountains upon the foundations laid by New Writing North's support with writing. I joined the Squad over two years ago and when I look back at the state of my writing from the beginning it is a credit to them to how much I have changed. I had the ideas at the beginning but had no idea what I was doing with the ideas. For one I didn't realise that scriptwriting suited me despite that any prose I wrote was about 95% dialogue. 

The Writing Squad gave me the opportunity to have a radio play produced which was so exciting for me because inside I was still that fourteen year old girl who enjoyed writing but didn't think it would ever actually go anywhere. 

They have provided me with one to one support with things I am trying to work on and have asked all of the write questions to help me find my own answers. 


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