Saturday, 7 June 2014

Emily Park Appreciation Blog


I feel like I've been living in Emily Park's pocket for the last few weeks so here's a blog telling you why she is mint.

1. Emily's pocket is usually in Starbucks.

2. Both me and Emily have horrendous phone batteries so we are kinda impossible to contact. However I think I have some sort of Emily tracking device in my brain because I can usually track her down even if we don't have phones. Best friend telepathy.

3. Emily enables me to feel like a cat lady despite the fact I have no cats, when you have five there's enough to go around.

4. I need someone else who is marginally obsessed with hip-hop dancers.

5. Emily is not alarmed when she needs to meet me for an emergency "my life is a mess" coffee. We'll pretend this doesn't happen every other day. Soz mate.

6. Everyone needs someone who they can bond over having equally foot-like faces with. My face looks like a foot most days.

7. Being Emily's assistant is mint because she feeds you with sweet potatoes at 3am. Very good brain food!

8. Emily is very accepting of my Buzz Feed Quiz problems, so much so that we are the dream team. If there was a degree in Who Said It James Franco or Kanye West we would definitely get firsts.

9. It's nice to have someone who can sympathise trying to fit about five lives into my one life. I have no idea why we do it to ourselves though.

10. Because someone has to make plans to go to Canada with me even if it never happens.

Bet you are all jealous that Emily Park isn't your bezzie.


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